CEO revitalized his company’s culture through Holiday donations (case study)

by Julian Bergquist on January 11, 2011

Mark Laufer is the CEO of an International Logistics and Supply Chain Management company that employs about 140 people. Mark recently read Tribal Leadership and took the Tribal Leadership Intensive program we offer. While Mark was in the course he implemented a project in his company that was a twist on how most firms distribute money to charity. In the process of giving back to his community, he revitalized the culture in his organization.

Mark introduced a unique twist for Holiday donations. Instead of the top leaders in the company deciding how to spend the money, he allocated each of his employees a portion of the total donation. Then each of them decided who they wanted their portion to be given to. But that isn’t what caused the shift in his company’s culture.

Rather than this just being an individual choice, he randomly connected people into “triads” throughout the company. People who never worked together, were now talking to each other about how they want to allocate their money, and the values that are of importance to them. Some groups even pooled funds from across groups to make larger donations. These larger donations had a bigger impact on the values they were seeking to meet in society through their charitable contribution.

Read Mark’s article:

How the Give Back Program Changed My Organization

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