Click Down Core Values Exercise

by Julian Bergquist on January 11, 2011

This exercise provides a way to quickly identify a person’s core value using natural, conversational language.

You identify core values by “clicking down” into areas of interest and importance to them.

a. Find a link to click

While talking with someone, notice any word or phrase that might be blue and underlined as if it were a link on a web page.  The links would have importance to the speaker. A person’s voice might become more excited.  You will hear what is of intrinsic value to that person.

b. Click on the link

“Click down” on a highlighted word or phrase by asking an open ended question about the item of value to elicit a deeper conversation.

Listen again for a new blue and underlined phrase as the person speaks, then ask another open-ended question about the speaker’s emphasized word or phrase.

c. Discover the Core Value

You will usually uncover a core value after several “click down” inquiries.

A core value is revealed when your question evokes only the same response as in a previous answer–as if that person knows no further answer can be given. For them it is a core value.

Upon reaching a core value you might hear, “That is important to me just because it is.”

You may also use this two-step process to identify your own core values.

Listen to a short recording by Dave Logan demonstrating the technique.

Recording of “Click Down” Core Values Exercise

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