Cultural Assessment for Pharmacy 777

Discover your company’s stage of culture.



This 2 minute survey is an educational tool that helps you see more clearly where your culture is at.

In answering the following questions, please indicate which statement best describes the actual behaviors and attitudes you typically see in those you work with, not the way you or others wish it were.

The results will be emailed to you along with additional information about what you can do next.

1. Which best describes people’s relationship to the organization’s mission, vision, and/or values?
Sarcastic jokes and/or no real effect on behavior
Hostile antagonism
Inspires collaborative behavior that overcomes personal differences
Inspires individuals to do a better job
Mission, vision and/or values tells people in the organization who they are

2. Which best describes the “mood” of your organization?
People’s primary focus is themselves
Teams focused on making history
People do the minimum to not get fired
Work-based partnerships
People are focused on personal survival

3. Which best describes the activities of leaders in your organization?
Building bridges to the best and the brightest in the world
Firing those who oppose them
Outperforming other “stars”
Building the careers of people they work with
Telling people what to do

4. What do people complain the most about?
Finding enough collaborative individuals to bring into existing groups
Lack of personal safety
There’s so much good to do, what should we do next?
People who disagree with them; not enough time or support; people aren’t as smart as they are

5. Which best describes the structure of people’s relationships?
Clusters of people who feel they have very little impact on how the organization is run
Clusters of groups out to change to the world
Clusters of highly networked people who share values
Lots of people trying to be the best (on an individual basis)