“Tribal Leadership should be required reading for anyone in teams or with an interest in improving performance and job satisfaction.”— David Allen,
Author, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity and Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and the Business of Life
“Tribal Leadership is the best book on cultural transformation I’ve read in many years, maybe ever.”— Mark Goulston,
“Leading Edge” columnist at Fast Company magazine and bestselling author of Get Out of Your Own Way at Work
“Just finished Tribal Leadership, awesome book! Codifies what we instinctually try to do with Zappos culture.”— Tony Hsieh,
CEO, Zappos.com
“Tribal Leadership presents a clear road map for the new reality of managing organizations, careers, and life. This book points to a new paradigm in not just information technology, but also business. It explains what to do in a world where every professional will have an electronic shingle on the Internet to create a vibrant, active, network.”— Reid Hoffman,
Cofounder, LinkedIn
“I loved your book and highly recommend reading it, as it describes the best run companies I know….”— Jim Clifton,
Chairman and CEO, The Gallup Organization
“Logan, King, and Fischer-Wright have described business cultural leadership through a new and provocative metaphor. ‘The Tribe.’ Tribal Leadership is particularly valuable because it focuses on creating an environment where members of the ‘tribe’ (employees) enhance the quality of their lives as well as the performance of the enterprise. Even more promising, Tribal Leadership offers a prescription for the struggling segments of our society, who live without a hopeful vision of the future.”— Jim Copeland,
Former CEO, Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu
“Tribal Leadership identifies the true source of exceptional leadership. Logan, King, and Fischer-Wright have clearly traced the emergence of great leaders from the dynamics of the team. They have not only identified the source of leadership, but outline the steps necessary to achieve both personal and team excellence”— Jim Keyes,
CEO, Blockbuster Stores
“I have ordered copies for my leadership team…in fact for all my team.   I’d strongly urge you to do the same.”— Keith Ferrazzi
Author, Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back
“Tribal Leadership presents a compelling new framework for thinking about businesses at all levels. The framework combines deep insights about organizations, culture, leadership, and social networking with concrete actionable advice for how to raise your game as an individual and as a tribe. This book has changed my thinking and my habits and should be must reading for leaders in organizations of all sizes.”— Barney Pell, Ph.D.
Former CoFounder and CEO, Powerset
partner, search strategist and evangelist at Microsoft
I cannot think of a more timely book, not just for the corporate world, but for nation states as well…. The insights in this book don’t just have the power to change organizations; they can touch the human heart. That makes them very powerful, indeed.”— Warren Bennis From the Foreword
American scholar, organizational consultant and author, University Professor and Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Founding Chairman of The Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California
“Tribal Leadership shares with all of us the impact that culture has on an organization. With all the leadership training in today’s world and all the books and courses on leadership, great organizations still must build a great culture to succeed. Having spent the last 42 years building an organization, I can vouch for the fact that a great culture has proved to be the most important element of our success. Even after hiring great people with great talent, it is critical that they work in unison. The culture of teams strengthens and creates a great organization. You’ll certainly learn how to build an organization with a solid culture by reading Tribal Leadership.”— Art Gensler
Founder and Chairman, Gensler
“This is an important book. It changed the way I think about organizations.”— Michael C. Jensen
Jesse Isidor Straus Emeritus Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
“Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright shine a light on leadership and how leaders and groups influence each other. Their observations can take an organization from good to great.”— Roxanne Spillett
President, Boys & Girls Clubs of America
“Tribal Leadership is a seminal work, the cutting edge of a new genre of books on corporate culture and the understanding of networks in organizations. It is a must read for every student of organization behavior, communications, and leadership development.”— Samuel M. Lam
President, Linkage Asia
“to the age-old question of whether successful leadership is innate or solely a reflection of organizational setting/culture, Tribal Leadership spells out the more complex interplay between these two important factors. The powerful knowledge about this complex interplay provided by Tribal Leadership is well worth aspiring leaders devoting the time to reading and learning from this gem of a book.”— Mark Zupan
Dean, Simon School of Business, University of Rochester
“A well researched and highly readable book. Tribal Leadership is a plain speak roadmap enabling transformation into operational excellence. The authors have nailed how organizations and societies actually work!”— Dr. Scott M. Shemwell
CEO, Strategic Decision Sciences
“Tribal Leadership is an extraordinary early insight into the de riguer leadership regime of our near-future business culture – a uniquely humane and systemic approach to delivering successful engagements, based on profound depths of collectively-derived values and sustainable change. Logan and King’s Tribal Leadership stands to become a key gospel for New Management.”— Lewis Pinault
Author, Consulting Demons and The Play Zone
Chairman and Founder of BOX at the London School of Economics
“Leaders of any group will find Tribal Leadership a fascinating read and an excellent resource for determining where one’s organization lies in the hierarchy of effectiveness. Whether for the leader of a corporation, foundation, military unit, or sports team, the book applies the basic building blocks of a ‘tribe’ in assessing human effort and determining how to improve performance. [it] is not only applicable to corporate business competition, but also to foreign diplomatic relations and military operations.”— Brig. Gen. David L. Grange
U.S. Army (ret.), CEO, Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation
CNN Analyst
“The topic of organizational culture has been the subject of innumerable books and articles. Just when it seemed that everything that could be written on the subject has been, Logan and colleagues have identified an important new aspect, the impact of “tribes” that can either make or break organizational initiatives. Tribal Leadership forces a complete rethinking of how organizations go about the process of culture change. It is the most important contribution to the management literature on organizational culture in years”.— Michael A. Patmas, MD, MMM, CPE.
Chief Executive Officer, Saint Alphonsus Medical Group
“Tribal Leadership is written for those that want to make an impact with anyone, anytime, anyplace, and truly be of service to the community they serve. It is allowing us to evolve our culture and shift the cultures of the organizations we interact with.”— Vwodek Wojczynski
Regional Executive Manager, RSC Business Group, Inc.
“What is especially exciting about Tribal Leadership is calling attention again to the importance of shared values: the power of values to unite and the importance of making values tangible, in creating “we’re great” cultures. The coaching tips throughout the book help leaders and tribes create the kind of collaboration that can make history. In watching Dave and John recently bring Tribal Leadership to life for Southern CA business leaders and executive and business coaches, I realized that a very important movement has begun that will benefit business leaders everywhere.”— Gael O’Brien
Principal, Strategic Opportunities Group and Board Member, Professional Coaches and Mentors Association Orange County