David Allen & Dave Logan Call Replay

by Dave Logan on April 7, 2011

Of all the Call with David Allen 4/18/2011events we have done, this one means the most to me. David Allen and Getting Things Done made a profound impact on my life when I was Associate Dean of the Marshall School of Business. I was drowning in email and paperwork. I was discouraged, frustrated, and would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about everything I had to do.

At the same time John King and I were working on Tribal Leadership, I was implementing GTD in my life. I shamelessly advocate it every chance I get.

One of the goals of Getting Things Done is having a “mind like water,” ready to handle and adapt to anything. On the replay of the call below, David and I explored how to have a “tribe like water,” an organization that is nimble and ready for anything.

Warm Regards,
Dave Logan

Replay of David Allen and Dave Logan call

“Tribal Leadership should be required reading for anyone
in teams or with an interest in improving performance and
job satisfaction.”

– David Allen, Getting Things Done and Making It All Work


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