Leadership during the Holidays (Top 10)

by Julian Bergquist on December 24, 2010

Many people habitually “check out” during the Holidays and then “wake up” again well into the New Years. On this call, people “checked in” and set themselves up for a great Holiday Season.

Leaders on the call explored how they were going to bring leadership to deepen and enliven their relationships with family and friends.

What emerged were 10 specific ways to lead and enjoy this Holiday time.

Top 10 Ways to Lead and Enjoy the Holidays!

  1. Have values conversation with family. Share and learn about each other’s values.
  2. Reflect and acknowledge friends and family for what you like and appreciate about them.
  3. Let go. Especially, if there were losses in the family. Make the calls to be in touch. They want to hear from you.
  4. What to do about the Ex?
  5. What is your vision for your communities and cultures? Say a prayer on their behalf.
  6. Be happy and joyous.
  7. Talk about where there was the growth in you and the people in your life this year.
  8. Be centered. Have centering peaceful conversation.
  9. Be Loving, Caring, Giving and Smiling
  10. Honor people.

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