The connection between employee happiness and great returns

by Tribal Leadership on July 2, 2008


Finally we’re seeing the mainstream media covering companies that show a direct correlation between company culture and revenue. In TIME’s recent article How to Succeed? Make Employees Happy, John Mackey of WholeFoods and Kip Tindell of the Container Store talk about the importance of an employee-focused culture, over the focus on shareholder value.

If you think about it, business innovations can often be counter-intuitive. At the beginning of the industrial age, who would have thought that if you give your workers breaks, that they’ll actually produce more at the end of the day. “Give them time off? No way, they could be working!” But of course, this knowledge is now common sense.

One day it will be common knowledge that the success of the internal culture of a company is directly related to its revenue.

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