Tribalism is Alive and Well

by Tribal Leadership on March 12, 2008

Roger Cohen of the New York Times wrote about how tribalism is alive and thriving in all aspects of our world, only further empowered by technology:

We’re beyond tribalism, right?

Wrong…. The Internet opens worlds and minds, but also offers opinions to reinforce every prejudice. You’re never alone out there; some idiot will always back you. The online world doesn’t dissolve tribes. It gives them global reach.

Cohen makes the tribal connection to terrorism…

Jihadism, with its mirage of a restored infidel-free Caliphate, is perhaps the most violent tribal reaction to modernity. But fundamentalism is no Islamic preserve; it has its Christian, Jewish, Hindu and other expressions.

And conversely, he draws a tribal connection to peace…

America’s peaceful tribes are also out in force. As Obama and Hillary Clinton engage in the long war for the Democratic nomination, we have the black vote, and the Latino vote, and the women-over-50 vote, and the Volvo-driving liberal-intellectual vote, and the white blue-collar vote, and the urban vote, and the rural vote, and the under-30s vote — sub-groups with shared social, cultural, linguistic or other traits and interests.

As a tribal leader, The Democrat nominee will be the candidate who can understand the language and values of each faction, and unify them by elevating them from Stage Three subgroups, to a Stage Four tribe.

by Robert

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