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by Tribal Leadership on January 15, 2008

On behalf of the authors, we would like to welcome you to the making of a new tribe. A tribe that has not yet met itself, as such. In this awareness and at this cyber meeting ground we are looking forward to meeting you, listening (reading) to what you have to say, to share, to question, to propose. We want to discover what is on your mind, and dialogue about what is on our minds, re: Tribes, Leadership, Effectiveness, Values, Tribal Dialogues and Conversations and their impact on us and others. All of us will be checking in on what is going on here, that is, responding, proposing, speculating, ideating together. Somewhere in the mix of it all, an emergence of a synthesized thought or idea will appear and we will be experiencing the power of the tribe, of tribal thinking. In this test lab of thought, we look forward to what it is you take to your tribes and what it is you are discovering. More to follow.

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