Tribal Leadership training at Zappos

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Watch the full 39 minute video when you pre-order 10 copies of Tribal Leadership paperback edition. You also get hundreds of dollars of training and support.

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Buy 10 Books plus BonusesOur best telecourse collection ever! You get 10 books to share with your team, along with vital training and development programs to guide you in building powerful teams:

  • Exclusive Tribal Leadership audio book download with new introduction by Tony Hseih, CEO of and bestselling author of Delivering Happiness.
  • Building Stable Partnerships” Eliminate the source of communication dysfunction that plagues most organizations. In this program, we show business leaders and CEOs how to upgrade their business culture using triads ($75 value).
  • Business Genius” This four-part module series consolidates thousands of hours of business consulting and executive coaching into a concise, practical training to unlock genius at the level of individual, team, and the entire organization ($150 value).
    • Module #1: Allow your unique genius to shine through.
    • Module #2: Connect with other people to unlock and expand your combined Genius.
    • Module #3: Lead your team so the collective genius is unleashed on your business projects.
    • Module #4: Develop leadership in your organization to achieve the full innovation potential and collective genius.
  • Tribal Leadership for Teams” four-hour audio program using Tribal Leadership to build and run a high performing team ($150 value).
  • 30 min strategy session with an “Approved Tribal Leader” to support you in using these materials and implementing Tribal Leadership in your organization.
  • A 39 minute video recording of a live Tribal Leadership training we did for Zappos’ top executive

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